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Credit Strategy

The outcome of every possible credit decision can’t be tailored to each and every customer, which makes it difficult to avoid lost potential profit. However, with deeper insight into your audience and the wider market, you can ensure that opportunities aren’t missed and the optimal solution is in place.

  • Commercial Autoscore - Fast, tailored, automated business credit checks
  • Commercial Delphi - Scorecards to measure business credit risk
  • Ledger 360 - Monitor the credit status of all businesses on your ledger
  • Payment performance - Share business payment data to give you a clearer picture of potential risk in your ledger
  • Web services - Online integration of business credit data into your systems

When your business revolves around credit – whether that’s lending to consumers or business, or just agreeing trading and payment terms with suppliers and customers – having an optimal credit strategy is key to making profitable decisions.

We can help you develop smarter credit strategies, so you can:

  • Implement more fully-automated credit management solutions to help you reduce costs, reduce risk and speed up your processes and offer a better service
  • Prioritise your customer base so you can expand opportunities with your best customers and reduce risk in your portfolio
  • Improve collection rates by targeting those most likely to pay you back
  • Use predictive analytics to accurately measure risk and potential value of new customers
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your credit decision making processes to see where you can reduce risk and increase profitability
  • Analyse the financial robustness of companies based on particular balance sheet indicators
  • Establish the affect that economic factors might have on your customers, their decisions or payment performance
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