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Consumer credit risk: software and tools

Define, automate, test, optimise. Experian's powerful software and analytics tools let you take decision making to an intelligent new level.

Sometimes the best decision you can make in business is to invest in technology that makes the decisions for you. Our suite of data-powered software solutions and tools are built to make every process and interaction as efficient - and as profitable - as possible.

PowerCurve Originations

Combines data, scorecards and strategies to assess and onboard new customers, evaluate risk and help you allocate resources wisely.

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Helps you gain a deeper understanding of customers who are having difficulties with repayments, to build more personalised, and therefore better relationships.

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PowerCurve Customer Management

Reviews existing customers at key points to drive tailored decisions for each customer based on complex data and strategies.

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Determines the best offer, action or message to help you get the best results from every customer interaction.

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PowerCurve OnDemand

Enhances customer acquisition and can be deployed quickly with a limited upfront cost.

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Find and reconnect with your 'lost' customers, faster.

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Provides access to Experian's credit bureau data to help you make consistent and responsible underwriting decisions across multiple markets.

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Debt Management Service

Collections Information Service helps you to make effective decisions to support customers who are struggling with repayments.

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