Consumer Credit Risk: Data and Models

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Consumer credit risk: data and models

The better you know your customers, the better you can help them. Experian's credit risk data and modelling products help you understand peoples' individual needs, behaviours and financial wellbeing, so you can offer what's right for them.

We match affordability, personal, credit, transaction and property data with complex analytics to create intelligent data models and predictive scorecards. But we're not stopping there. We're continually adding to our vast data sources and finding innovative ways to give better understanding.

Property Data

Access to property data to confirm property ownership, equity and any planned house moves. Helping you to make responsible lending decisions.

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Single Customer View

Enables you to pin together fragmented or siloed data to give a single view of all the products and services a customer takes from you.

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Guide people to the right product for them based on a deeper understanding of their financial position.

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Debt Management Data

Data Enhancement Service enhances consumer data with additional information to give a richer understanding.

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Delphi for New Business

A scorecard specifically developed to support confident and responsible decision making in the application process.

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Future View

Shows the likelihood of a customer taking new credit products, helping you understand and anticipate their needs.

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Delphi for Customer Management

A scorecard that helps ensure you continue to offer your existing customers the most appropriate products and services for their individual needs.

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Find and reconnect with your 'lost' customers, faster.

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