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Credit Data and Scorecards

Get a high level of customer insight by matching a huge breadth and quality of data with unique analytics, to build intelligent credit data models and highly predictive credit scorecards. By using credit scorecards that incorporate customer and market information, and future micro and macro trends, you can add further intelligence to your credit decision making.

Making good credit decisions is critical to the success of a business, whether your customers are consumers or businesses. To minimise bad debt and ensure you allow your best customers to trade with you to their fullest extent, you need more than up-to-date credit data.

We can help you blend good quality credit data with predictive scorecards, so you can:

  • Quickly and accurately assess the creditworthiness of consumers and businesses
  • Reduce credit risk in your business for new business and existing customers
  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs of bringing in new business
  • Increase profitability by identifying your best customers and maximising your business opportunities with them

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We are continually looking to enhance our data portfolio. So, if you would like to discuss your data offering, please contact our Data Acquisitions Manager directly.

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