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Business ledger management solutions

Managing multiple ledgers is challenging. But gaps in your knowledge can leave your business exposed to high-risk behaviour, while also leaving potential growth opportunities to go unnoticed.

With a total view of your ledgers, you can get a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities in your portfolio and see risk behaviour as it happens. With this insight, you can capture new opportunities to increase profits and take quick action before a business falls into financial difficulty.

  • Continually monitor a business’ financial health and see changes as they happen with real-time business monitoring
  • Set benchmarks and measurable objectives and track team performance based on key information
  • Generate sales opportunities by seeing which businesses are prime for cross-sell and up-sell or who can have credit extended
  • Our high level of functionality and report writing flexibility allows you to slice and dice your data and tailor monthly reports to your business needs and KPIs.
  • We provide a huge breadth and depth of supporting Experian data, including payment trends, Days Beyond Term information and manufacturing SIC codes.
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