Can I remove a CCJ that’s been added in error?

Dear James,

Can a CCJ be removed that was caused by a car insurance company in error? They’ve accepted liability, so what are the next steps?

Dean, Castleford

Dear Dean,

You certainly can apply to have a court judgment removed from your credit report if it relates to a successful car insurance claim. To get your Experian Credit Report updated please obtain a letter from your insurance company confirming they accepted liability for the claim and, importantly, quoting:

  • The value of the judgment
  • The date of the judgment
  • The case number
  • The court where it was entered

Then pop this in the post to us at Experian, PO Box 7710, Nottingham, NG80 7WE and we’ll remove it from your credit report and send you confirmation. Don’t forget to quote your Experian credit report reference number. You’ll need to contact the other credit reference agencies too, to make sure they update the reports they hold for you. (March 2016)


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