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Will lodger’s trail of debt affect my credit rating?

Dear James,

I had a lodger for a few months but I had to kick him out for non-payment. Since he has been gone I have found out there are credit cards, loans and phone bills on my address that are not being paid. I receive phone calls everyday from call centres asking for him and post that looks like bills most days. I have been posting them back for a few months. What can I do to have everything removed from my address? I need to re-mortgage in a couple of months, will this affect my credit rating?

Helen, Yorkshire

Dear Helen,

You’ve no need to worry about your own credit rating. Today, credit checks are carried out on you, not your address. Furthermore, your credit report can only become linked to someone else’s if you apply for or take out joint credit, or if you confirm to a lender or credit reference agency that you are financially linked to someone. As a result, it is highly unlikely that the debts your former lodger has left behind will damage your credit rating. If, for peace of mind, you want confirmation of this, simply order a copy of your credit report. Unless your ex-lodger’s name is listed in the section marked ‘Financial associates’ you have absolutely nothing to fear. Of course, receiving debt demands and phone calls because of someone else’s misbehaviour is still a pain. But if you keep returning any post to the senders marked ‘moved away on ’ and relaying the same message to callers, you should find this debt collection activity soon stops.

James Sign

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