Will my library fine affect my credit score?

Dear James,

My library fine was turned over to a debt collection agency, but I didn’t have any communication from the library to tell me this. Can you help me as I am trying to find out if it will affect my credit score if paid straight away?          

Bianca, Tunbridge Wells

Dear Bianca,

Libraries take their book loans very seriously and it’s not uncommon for them to employ a debt collection agency or even revert to the courts to try to recover overdue book fines. To ensure that your library fine doesn’t have an impact on your credit rating it is sensible if you can to pay off any fine as soon as possible. Although your fine has been passed to a debt collector, they will not be able to record this on your credit report directly. But if you ignored their approaches and the fine was escalated to the courts, you could find yourself with a county court judgment (CCJ) that, if not paid off within a month, would be added to your credit report.  A court judgment would stick around on your credit report for six years and could be very damaging to your chances of obtaining credit in the future. So, I recommend paying your fine straight away to avoid having the book thrown at you and your credit rating potentially left in tatters. (June 2016)


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