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Questions about credit and debt

Where can I see your debt maps featured on BBC?

Can you help me recover my credit rating after illness?

How quickly will my report show new card balances?

Can you help me update my bank default?

Where can I look up CCJs about someone else?

When do ‘new’ accounts start to help my credit rating?

Can I get a one-off score from you without a subscription?

Why is 2005 missed payment still on my report?

Does overpaying a mortgage damage your credit rating?

Will not paying my card in full count as a late payment?

How do I update debt cleared by IVA?

How do I update debt cleared by my Debt Relief Order?

Should I ask you to remove my bankruptcy after six years?

How often is my Experian credit report updated?

Do you remove defaults even when still outstanding?

Who is responsible for correcting a mistake?

Will hole in the wall leave a hole in my credit score?

How do I clear my debts and rebuild my credit rating?

How can I remove multiple insurance searches?

Why is credit report information held for six years?

Will lowering our credit card limit affect our credit scores?

Can we run a credit check on our tenants?

Will family CCJs blacken future credit and job checks?

What do these account status codes mean?

Will mortgage arrears affect my credit rating?

Will entering into a DMP damage my credit rating?

How do I update my report now my IVA has ended?

Can you help me remove incorrect address from my report?

Can I explain husband's illness on my report?

I’ve lost my CreditExpert login details – can you help?

Do joint utility bills link up people’s credit histories?

How do I tackle mystery CCJ?

What should I do if I find a mistake on my credit report?

How can I rebuild my credit rating after bankruptcy?

How will temporary mortgage arrangement affect my credit?

Can I reactivate my old CreditExpert account?

How I can cancel my Experian free trial?

Do Experian credit reports now include rent information?

Will my credit report be the same at each CRA?

Should I cancel my unused credit cards?

Will completing an IVA early boost my credit score?

How can I dispute a default on my report?

Why are IVA debts listed on my report separately?

Will overdraft slip-ups stop me renting a house?

Do I need to pay a fee to update my bankruptcy?

Is my credit history wiped clean once my bankruptcy ends?

Can you support our National Student Money Week event?

How do I update my credit report now my DMP has ended?

Will repaying CCJ immediately leave an unblemished credit history?

Can I get credit history records going back ten years?

Will agreeing to settle my debts at a reduced rate affect my credit rating?

How do I update a default and will it affect job chances?

How do I access a report of my business debts?

Can you explain mystery address link?

Why are expired bankruptcies still affecting our us?

What do I need to do to get your records updated?

Can I get a free trial of CreditExpert without a credit card?

How can I get help understanding my credit report?

Has paying my credit card too early destroyed my credit rating?

How do I update my credit reports now my IVA has ended?

Will a temporary mortgage arrangement damage my credit history?

Can debt collection company legally access my credit report?

Will handing back my car keys ruin my credit rating?

Can my Experian credit report help me pursue a PPI claim?

Will poor credit history follow me to Spain?

Will council tax arrears damage my credit score?

Why don't my savings show on my credit report?

When will my default drop off my report?

Will Debt Management Plan ruin my credit history?

How can I get credit with no fixed address?

Can properties be blacklisted by tenants’ debts?

How do I ensure my credit report shows I have recently satisfied a court debt?

For how long will my Debt Management Plan appear on my credit report?

How do I sort out debts caused by my ex?

Can I explain my unfortunate circumstances on my credit report?

Are claims that my debts can be written off and my credit report wiped clear true?

Did existing card provider have permission to check my credit report?

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