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How do I know your website is genuine and secure?


Dear James,


Online registration asks for many personal details and debit card details before registration is confirmed by email. How is this secure? How do I know that a fraudster hasn't set up a spoof Experian website to capture this personal data? 


Bruce, Woking


Dear Bruce,

It’s sensible to vigilant before sharing your personal details because it’s absolutely vital we all do what we can to make life as difficult as possible for the bad guys. Experian has a long track record of protecting personal information and I can assure you that our website is fully secure wherever we ask you to submit your personal details. Once we have this information we’ll take great care of it and only use it as you have agreed.  We ask for debit or credit card details as part of our security checks, as we have to safeguard the sensitive information on your credit report. It also enables you to pay any relevant fee or fees that apply. We will not include your personal details in the confirmation email we send you. I can tell you that phishing and clone websites continue to be popular tactics for identity crooks so you’re right to be on your guard. The best way to combat fake sites is to simply type the website address of the organisation in question, such as, directly into your web browser, and then you should be taken safely to the genuine site. You can find lots more tips on looking after your identity in our Identity Fraud Centre.

 (February 2014)

James Sign

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