Will hole in the wall leave a hole in my credit score?

Dear James,

Please can you tell me if withdrawing cash from my credit card will affect my credit rating?

Terry, Chelmsford

Dear Terry,

Using a credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM is certainly something that’s flagged up on your credit report nowadays. This is because credit card providers are sharing a bit more information through the credit reference agencies about how credit cards are used, compared to other credit products like loans and overdrafts. This extra information includes whether you’re making just the minimum repayment on a card and whether you’re using it to get cash from ATMs. The reason card providers are sharing this additional ‘account management’ information is to help spot customers who are showing signs of financial stress based on certain patterns of behaviour. Importantly, none of these pieces of information are going to be significant in isolation, so making the odd cash withdrawal on your credit card should not hurt your credit score – as long as the rest of your credit history tells a good story! (November 2012)


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