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Should I register to vote at my temporary address?


Dear James,


I have moved to a new home and previously I stayed at my parents’ house. I would like to know where should I put myself on Electoral Roll? As I don’t know how long will I be staying at the new place and won’t want be known as a drifter to credit agencies. Lastly if I do put myself on Electoral Roll at the new property do I have to inform everyone such as credit card companies and banks or can I keep my parents place as my correspondence address which will benefit me more? Thanks.


April, Manchester


Dear April,

This is an interesting question. Frequently moving home can impact your credit score, so should be avoided if at all possible. There’s certainly an argument for registering everything at your actual current address and for some things, such as your driving licence, it’s the law. But where your current address is only temporary I think it’s perfectly reasonable to continue to use your parents’ address for things like the electoral roll and as a base for your credit agreements. This might even be safer, in terms of the risk of identity fraud, especially if your temporary address has shared access. Back to the electoral roll, you can actually register to vote in more than one place as long as you only vote once in each election – so you could register at your temporary address as well. Just make sure that whenever you apply for credit you give the lender all the information they need to locate and examine your full credit history and you should be fine.

James Sign

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