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How can I build a better credit rating?


Dear James,


I have been somewhat careless when it has come down to looking after my credit history.  I would put this down to youthful ignorance partly. I work freelance now and know for a fact that I have a bad credit history and I would like to take measures to start working at least to a B grade. Could you please advise me on how I should go about doing this and what kind of support/services can provide me? Kind regards.



Jean-Pierre, London


Dear Jean-Pierre,

Your credit history can be a valuable asset so it’s great that you have decided to give yours some attention, particularly as it sounds like a little restoration may be needed. We can certainly support your quest to build a much better credit rating. The best place to start is to order a copy of your Experian credit report and go through it carefully. That way you can make sure everything on there just now is accurate and up to date. You can also look for opportunities to make improvements going forwards. If you get your credit report through our CreditExpert service, you’ll get a score – called the Experian Credit Score – to help you understand how you report is likely to be rated by lenders. Your score, which will be in the range 0-999, will also come with helpful advice on where you can make improvements, now and in the future. This can range from registering on the electoral roll to making better use of existing credit to taking out new credit. You can then check back on a regular basis to monitor your progress. Good luck. (January 2013)

James Sign

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