Can I remove bad credit history from new address?

Dear James,

I have moved to a new permanent address two weeks ago.  It appears that the previous tenants of this new address have bad credit history, as I found a lot of mail from debt collectors. What can I do to disassociate myself from this address which appears to have bad credit history

Mohammed, London

Dear Mohammed,

As far as your credit rating is concerned you have no need to worry. That's because these days credit checks take place on people and not simply on addresses. You can be linked to other people on your credit report, for example, if you take out joint credit. But your report won't be linked to someone else's just because you've lived at the same address. So you certainly won't be linked to the previous occupants of your new home. If you’re unconvinced, ordering a copy of your credit report will set your mind at rest as any links would be visible. To put a stop to the post you're receiving your best bet is to write 'moved away - return to sender' on the envelope and pop it back in the post box. It should soon stop. (November 2011)


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