How do I tackle mystery CCJ?

Dear James,

How do I pay a CCJ I know nothing about? I recently had a credit check done as I moved house and it appears I have a CCJ in my name that I know nothing about! How do I pay this off when I have no paperwork or reference?

Ian, Bodmin

Dear Ian,

This must have been a real shock for you! For a CCJ to stand you must have been correctly served with a summons, so based on what you say you have a good case to get it removed. Your first job is to identify the court where the judgment was made and the case number. If you order a copy of your credit report it will reveal this, including court’s contact details to help you begin your enquiries. The court will explain the options open to you, from simply paying off the debt and having it marked as satisfied on your credit report to applying to have the judgment cancelled (‘set aside’) and the case reheard. While the latter option will cost you a court fee, if you are successful, the order will be revoked. Even if there is a legitimate debt outstanding, you can arrange to pay it straight away and avoid a new judgment being registered on your credit report for six years. (November 2012)


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