How do I resolve payday loan fraud?

Dear James,

I have had some of my details used to apply fraudulently for a payday loan, what should I do about this? Would this affect my credit rating? Do need to inform other lenders that my ID is being used? Thanks.

Steve, Willian

Dear Steve,

I’m sorry to hear this. While most lenders employ very stringent anti-fraud checks to avoid accepting fraudulent applications, a small proportion do manage to slip though the net. We can certainly help you alert lenders to the situation and remove any fraudulent records from your credit report. If necessary, we can also help you add security features to your report to try to thwart any further attempts to impersonate you. If your identity has been compromised, there may well be a risk of further fraud. To get the ball rolling, email our Victims of Fraud team: They can also alert the other credit reference agencies for you so they can offer help too. (September 2014)


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