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Why do you sometimes need ID before providing a report?


Dear James,


What is your reason for needing proof of ID before you'll do a credit report? I know it says it's to verify my ID, but what flags it up as needing to do that, is it something contained in the report.



Victoria, Devon


Dear Victoria,

It could be because of something contained in the report or, conversely, because of something not contained in the report. Keeping people’s credit history details safe is a top priority for us so we subject all credit report applications to stringent security checks. While we keep the exact nature of these checks confidential, for obvious reasons, we will generally check that the information recorded about the applicant at his or her current address gives us confidence we are dealing with the genuine individual. So, for example, if you apply for your credit report shortly after moving home and, as a result, have little or no information registered in your name at your new address, we are likely to ask for other proof of name and address, such as a recent bill or bank statement.

James Sign

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