What is an unrecorded enquiry on my credit report?

Dear James,

What does ‘unrecorded enquiry' mean by a company that has checked your credit report? 

Stephen, Dudley

Dear Stephen,

Lenders register an ‘unrecorded enquiry’ search footprint when they need to check your report but it isn’t appropriate to register a specific footprint that other lenders might see. I’ll give you two examples. You’ve applied for credit, been refused and then appealed against the decision. As a result, the lender takes another look at your credit report but registers an unrecorded enquiry instead of a further credit-application footprint – because that would give other lenders the impression you had applied for credit again. Secondly, you check your credit report, spot a discrepancy and contact the relevant lender to query it. While investigating your complaint the lender needs to look at your report, so they register this access an unrecorded enquiry.  Unrecorded enquiries are not visible to other lenders and don’t therefore affect credit scoring, but you can see them when you check your own credit report, which is important. To understand a bit more about different search footprints and how they are used you can read our Your Credit Report And Previous Searches guide. (April 2012)


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