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How can I resolve electoral roll problem?


Dear James,


I am an EEA Citizen, Norwegian to be more specific, so I cannot register to vote in the UK. I have a good credit score. However, all lenders have refused me credit due to not being on the voters list. What are my options? Is there anyway you can put a note or something on my credit report so the lenders can see that prior to making decisions.


Zee-shan, Wolverhampton


Dear Zee-shan,

Yes that’s right. Only UK and EU citizens are entitled to register to vote here and, as you say, not being registered can put a proverbial spanner in the works as far as credit ratings are concerned. Not all lenders will refuse credit because of this – others may ask you to provide paper-based proof of name and address. But some will view the lack of electoral registration as a sign of uncertainly and therefore risk. So what you need to do is to make sure any prospective lender is aware of your circumstances, including that you are happy to supply alternative proof of name and address. Your own suggestion is actually spot on – we can add a note to your credit report about this. Simply get in touch with our Customer Support Centre, once you’ve obtained your credit report, and ask for a ‘notice of correction’. You’ll need to provide the exact wording you wish to use and then we’ll simply insert this into your report for you. The note will mean a delay to any application you make, but if it results in a ‘yes’ instead of a ‘no’ then I’m sure you will think it worthwhile.


James Sign

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