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How do I update my credit reports now my IVA has ended?


Dear James,

Hi, I have completed an IVA and received the completion documents and certificate this morning. How do I get my credit file amended to reflect this? I was going to post the documents to you. Is there a fee for the service? You have a very ambiguous website regarding this process. Thanks.

Richard, Swansea


Dear Richard,

The chances are that your credit reports held by all three credit reference agencies have already been updated. This is because we receive electronic updates on bankruptcies, debt relief orders and individual voluntary arrangements from the Insolvency Service. Outside of England and Wales, we have similar arrangements in Scotland and Northern Ireland. So what you need to do is order a copy of your credit report from each agency and if, for some reason, your IVA completion has not come through only then should you send in confirmation. There is no charge for this. You should also check that any credit debts that were included in your IVA have also been updated, this time by the individual creditors. If any are still shown as outstanding, you can either take this up directly with those creditors or we can take the matter up for you. There is actually advice about IVAs on our website, including our ‘Your credit report and individual voluntary arrangements’ guide.


James Sign

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