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What sort of credit rating am I likely to have after only a few months in the country?


Hello James,

I moved over to England five months ago and am looking to get a loan. This obviously depends on what sort of a credit rating I get. Is it possible to have one in such a short time? And more importantly, is it possible to not have a poor one in such time? Regards.

David, London


Dear David,

If you have little information on your credit report, which is likely if you’ve moved here from outside the UK, then any credit rating a lender calculates for you is likely to be quite poor. Most lenders like to see proof that you exist and that you can manage credit responsibly. Your biggest challenge, therefore, is to build up the evidence on your credit report. First, get yourself onto the electoral roll, which you can do as long as you're either a UK or EU citizen. This is important because lenders use it to check your name and address. The electoral roll is updated monthly throughout the year apart from during the annual canvass period, which is of course right now. Any new registrations made at the moment won’t be published until the new annual registers are released at the beginning of December. The information will appear on your credit report shortly after that. You probably have a bank account here by now. Once you've built up a good relationship with the bank they are likely to offer you an overdraft facility. This will help your credit history because an overdraft is a form of credit and will add some positive information to your credit report each month, as long as you don't misuse it of course. You may also be able to get a mobile phone contract, although you could well be asked for a deposit to start with. Then, if you pay the bill in full each month, you will gather additional positive information on your credit report which should support a future loan application. Our credit report monitoring service can help you keep track of your progress and you can try CreditExpert free for 30 days. Then you’ll be able to order and track your Experian Credit Score, which will help you identify when you've built a substantial enough credit report to support successful credit applications. When you think your credit history’s in decent condition, use the link to our Lower My Bills service from the CreditExpert member centre to compare loan deals. These will be matched to your actual credit history, meaning you’re more likely to get a positive result. Good luck.


James Sign

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