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Take control of your finances

Your credit report is the key to being accepted for the credit you need, whether you want to switch credit cards, apply for a mortgage, or sign up with a new utility or mobile phone provider.

The information here will:

  • help you understand what your credit report contains;
  • explain how lenders use the information in your credit report;
  • give advice on how to improve your credit report; and
  • show why you should check it regularly.

The information is brought to you by Experian’s CreditExpert, the UK’s leading online credit-monitoring and identity-fraud protection service. To learn more, use one of these sections:

Credit reports explained These straightforward articles are designed to help you understand your credit report and how it affects you. They include What is a credit report, What is a credit score, and What to do if you have been refused credit.

Frequently asked questions Search for answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

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