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The year's best forecasters, 2009

The Sunday Times' rankings place Experian amongst the top ten forecasters for 2009.
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Mosaic Economics

What can it do for me?

Mosaic Economics brings together Experian’s expertise in economic forecasting and demographic segmentation to examine the relationship between economic developments and the behaviour of customers. It forecasts patterns of income, employment and spending by consumer segments across the UK, providing insight into how economic changes will impact on consumer behaviour by different household type and customer profile, and enables you to understand which customer segments should be targeted for acquisition and where churn may occur.

By profiling the customer segments of the different retailers, we can also provide benchmark competitor analysis, allowing you to compare the impact of the future economic outturn on your business with that of your core competitors.

Forecasts are available for consumer spending on over 40 consumer product groups by 61 household types. Additional forecast variables include gross and disposable incomes, discretionary vs non-discretionary spending and unemployment risk.

Mosaic Economics is also available on a bespoke basis, allowing you to specify the economic scenario. For example, recent research by the Mosaic Economics team assessed the impact of lower interest rates on household disposable incomes and consumer spending.


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