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Mosaic Daytime

Using Census 2001 travel pattern data, Mosaic Daytime captures the shift between daytime and evening populations and the impact this has on the demographic composition of neighbourhoods.

What can it do for me?

Mosaic Daytime allows you to profile potential customers based on working day catchment areas and to understand levels of demand. It also gives you a detailed picture of people at home during the day, identifying opportunities for businesses selling home-delivered goods and services.

A few key facts

  • In addition to counts of total residential and daytime population, the database includes estimates of age and employment for adults aged 16+, as well as daytime populations split by Mosaic's 61 UK types and 11 groups.
  • Information from Mosaic Daytime can be combined with data from Experian’s Mosaic Commercial database to capture the business profile of an area, in association with counts of daytime working populations.

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