pH Search

Learn more about your prospective customers

Find your best business opportunities using pH Search, an online platform with instant access to help you find, research and target your business audience.

Easily discover:

  • The financial health of a business
  • Corporate linkages
  • Decision makers in any organisation

Customer data – that you can use

Use pH Search to find useful information quickly – from who your most valuable customers are, which lapsed customers should be targeted to win back, to who is paying late. Our expert team can help you create custom criteria to deliver the most valuable information to you.

Build brilliant prospect lists

  • Build prospect lists based on the criteria that’s important to you – sector, size and geography comes as standard
  • Search, download and integrate business lists straight into your own CRM system, or Microsoft excel

Apply smart profiling to your prospect lists

  • Adaptive: Measures how organisations change employment levels relative to turnover, can indicate stronger performance in adversity
  • Relative generosity: Measures employer benefit packages relative to other businesses in the same sector – ideal if you are targeting employers with benefit plans
  • Short term and long term growth: Measures an organisations historic performance which can predict their ability to grow

pH Search is available as an out of the box solution, or as a customised platform to meet your businesses specific requirements. Contact the team today to find out which version is right for you.

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