FSCS Compliance Service

Keep up with EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive (DGSD) reforms.

Experian’s FSCS Compliance Service fulfils two key data elements when submitting information to the FSCS / Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

  • Company size assessment
  • Eligibility assessment

Experian will help you to identify the records that would form part of your single customer view of eligible deposits.

How does the FSCS process work?

  1. Send your data to Experian
  2. We’ll review the integrity of the data
  3. Data cleansing process
  4. Match against the Experian business universe
  5. Determine company size
  6. Carry out eligibility assessment
  7. Client delivery

Who would use the FSCS Compliance Service?

Any Bank or Financial Services organisation who holds commercial deposits.


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