Validation Checks

Experian can carry out a range of Validation Checks on a candidates’ personal information, providing a vital pre employment screening solution for businesses in all sectors. Our services can also keep you updated on developments in your existing employee’s circumstances, making you aware of any potential risks.

Types of Checks

About the checks

We can advise you on which of our following Validation Checks are appropriate for your business:

  • A Directorship Check can verify previous and currently held directorship roles, helping you to ensure that your high level positions will be protected from conflict of interest situations.
  • A Sanctions File Check can identify high risk individuals and help you to fulfil compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) obligations.
  • Media Searches can give you as complete and balanced a view of a candidate as possible, through highlighting not just possible sources of controversy, but also any positive information that might support an application.
  • A DVLA Check can validate a candidate’s driving license, as well as flagging any offences that could make them inappropriate for the position.
  • An FCA Check is necessary for screening candidates who may have to carry out such business as selling or advising on investments.

Turnaround time

Validation Checks typically have a UK turnaround time of around four to eight hours. Our reports are available online, and are specifically designed to be concise and accessible, allowing you to make those important recruitment decisions with confidence.

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