Reference Checks

Reference checks serve multiple purposes. They are primarily used to validate a candidate’s stated employment, educational and professional membership history, but they can also be used to fill gaps in a candidate’s employment history. In addition, many businesses view reference checks as a useful means of gauging a candidate’s reliability and capabilities before they make that crucial recruitment decision.

Types of Checks

About the Checks

Our Education Checks can help to verify that candidates have attended their stated educational establishments, confirming their dates of attendance, their courses studied and their grades obtained. Similarly, Employment Checks can be used to confirm such basic details as the candidate’s place of employment, their employment dates and the positions they held. If a candidate had any periods of unemployment or self-employment, our Occupational History Reference can be used to fill in the gaps.

If a candidate has listed any memberships of technical or professional bodies on their application, the Experian Professional Technical Membership Check can be used to help verify their claims. Finally, our Personal Reference checks involve directly contacting individuals who can vouch for your candidate’s character and reliability.

When it comes to reference checks, Experian offer a global service, to help us carry out detailed and reliable employment, education, professional and technical membership referencing. If necessary, we can also obtain personal and character references.

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