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Background checking new recruits is a dedicated field and can be time consuming if it is to be completed correctly.  Experian offers a range of employment screening services for recruitment and HR professionals.  Recruitment firms supply companies from a wide range of sectors with candidates on a regular basis and so employee background checks for each of these sectors will vary greatly, but should always be completed as part of the recruitment process.

Relevant checks

Use our recruitment employee screening service to perform a collection of background checks on the personnel you supply, including:

Identity Checks adverse financial check Criminal Records Checks
Identity checks Adverse financial check Criminal record checks
employment reference
Employment References Personal reference checks Education referencing
directorship check media check
DVLA check Directorship check Media Check


Benefits to outsourcing recrutiment background checks

Experian can provide the ideal solution, whether your client’s sector is regulated or not, as all checks can be tailored to meet their specific needs. There are many benefits to outsourcing your recruitment background checks:

  • Supply your clients with the high quality candidates they require
  • Build stronger relationships with clients
  • Reduce time wasted by providing unsuitable candidates
  • Save time and increase your productivity by letting our background checking service do the work for you

The Benefits of Using Experian

  • Speed up the recruitment process by making checks online, with Experian’s fast, simple and secure online application
  • Checks can be tailored dependent on the needs of your client’s business and the role they are recruiting for
  • Gain access to one of the UK’s largest and most trusted databases of screening information
  • Be safe in the knowledge that information exchanged is safe and secure
  • Make the most out of using Candidate Verifier with Experian’s dedicated customer helpline and account management
  • Flexible solution, allowing you to log in at any time to make an application or to check on a report’s status
  • Maintain control of your applicants and monitor their status in real-time
  • Help you to meet industry regulations, no matter what industry you are recruiting for, and reduce the risk of a non-compliant process

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