Employment Screening

Know who you're hiring

How much more could you know about the people you're recruiting?

Experian provides a range of pre employment screening services, helping you to make more informed hiring decisions, to ensure you match the right person to the right role with confidence.  A poor choice of employee can have potentially devastating impacts on your business’s integrity, reputation and profits. However, far too many organisations forego this vital process, finding it too frustrating and time consuming or are just generally dissatisfied with their current screening providers.

Types of Checks

Criminal Records ChecksIdentity and Adverse Financial ChecksValidation
         ChecksReference Checks

Candidate Verifier

Experian Candidate Verifier is an automated online service that lets you check the background history of any candidate at your own convenience. It can also be used to make detailed background checks on your current employees, allowing you to monitor changes in circumstance to minimise the risks such developments could pose to your business.

Experian is one of the world’s most trusted providers of pre employment screening services, with one of the UK’s largest databases of consumer information.   We handle large volumes of screening checks each week for a wide range of leading consumer bands, as well as many public and private sector organisations.  Because we have direct links to data sources, we can deliver impressively rapid reports, saving you substantial amounts of time, money and effort.


The benefits of using Experian

  • Saves you valuable time and money, usually spent on manual administrative tasks, by letting us handle every stage of the process. This enables you to focus your efforts on other business needs or opportunities.
  • Helps you to meet industry regulations and reduce the risk of a non-compliant process.
  • Protect your company from possible reputational damages, whilst forming a more complete impression of a candidate.
  • Safeguard your customers by hiring the right people, giving peace of mind and enabling you to provide better services to those that matter most.
  • Improve the candidate on boarding process, giving candidates the best impression from the start.
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