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Media Check

A Media Check from Experian can quickly search a vast array of media sources for any instances that have brought the candidate to the public attention, giving you as complete and balanced a view as possible of the candidate. We check over 45,000 global newsfeeds, from local and national newspapers to trusted international newswires. The archive dates back to 1971 and is updated daily.

An Experian Media Check is designed to supplement an application. It can uncover new information as well as validating and reinforcing what you already know, giving you the confidence you need to make accurate, informed decisions when recruiting.

About the check

Media Checks have been known to uncover articles linking candidates to crime, terrorism or scandal. These links could damage your company’s reputation if brought to the public’s attention post employment, especially if you work within a regulated sector.

A Media search could also uncover an article that places your candidate in a positive light. This could support their application through validating your initial impressions, giving you a richer understanding of a candidate’s personality than can be gleaned from a CV alone. It could even highlight some skills or qualities that might not otherwise have been discussed during the application process.

Experian Media Checks are not necessarily relevant for every candidate or every role. But with potential risks of reputational damage, they could be considered an integral part of the overall background checking process for businesses in protected sectors, or for those who are recruiting for senior managerial roles.

Turnaround time

Upon receiving a submission, we will conduct a Media Check within four hours. Our reports are concise and accessible, immediately giving you the information you need to proceed with the application.

Sample Report

Media Check Sample Report

The Benefits of Using Experian

  • Streamlined online process with fast UK turnaround time of just four hours
  • Protect your company from possible reputational damages, whilst forming a more complete impression of a candidate
  • An expert dedicated account management team and skilled operations team helps you to make the most of our services at all times

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