Industry Sectors

Regulated and non-regulated sectors

Experian offers a number of invaluable industry sector specific background checks, providing an essential pre employment screening service for both regulated and non-regulated sectors.

Experian currently run industry specific background checks for the following industry sectors:

Why Check?

Successful industry sector background checks involve striking the perfect balance, finding an approach that effectively screens candidates without giving a bad candidate experience. Overstating accomplishments on CVs is not uncommon, in fact, it’s estimated that between 20-50%¹ of candidates embellish their credentials to make them appear more desirable to employers. Equally, 15%² of candidates have been known to back out of an application when told a check is required. 

Organisations based in regulated sectors will be perfectly aware of the types of background checks required when recruiting new members of staff.  Whatever your sector, Experian have the solutions you need for efficient pre employment screening.  Our easy-to-use, online screening service can be accessed 24/7, and can be easily integrated with your current recruitment platform. Furthermore, because we have one of the UK’s largest consumer databases, we can swiftly deliver detailed reports with no compromise on quality.

If you operate in a non-regulated sector, background checks are still an invaluable means of protecting your business from application fraud and possible damages to reputation, integrity and profit. We can help you to determine the types of background checks relevant to your business and industry sector, helping to ensure that you abide by the necessary compliance laws.

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