Identity and Adverse

Financial Checks

Experian’s identity and adverse financial checks are a vital pre employment screening service for both regulated and non regulated sectors.

Our identity checks draw from the electoral roll, instantly providing you with reliable, up-to-date candidate identity authentication. We can also run adverse financial checks, drawing from one of the UK’s largest consumer databases to immediately highlight any prior discrepancies that could jeopardise your business’s integrity and reputation.

Types of Checks

About the Checks

Identity checks and adverse financial checks should be a standard part of any recruitment process, regardless of sector. Employee fraud can have a devastating impact on any business. But despite being a very real and all too common danger, far too many employers forego even the most basic of screening checks.

Experian’s candidate verifier system is a convenient, cost-effective, online service that can be easily incorporated into your existing recruitment platform. It can also be used to monitor existing employees for any changes in financial circumstance that could prove a risk to your business.


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