Basic Disclosure

Why should you conduct a Basic Disclosure on your employees?

A Basic Disclosure is available for any role and is not restricted by industry sector. Whilst criminal record checks are mandatory for some positions, employee fraud runs a very real risk of damaging the integrity and reputation of any business. Therefore, we believe that, in most cases, a Basic Disclosure should be viewed as an integral part of your pre employment checking process.

The benefits of using Experian for your basic disclosure check

  • Our 24/7 online screening process can be easily integrated with your current recruitment platform
  • An expert dedicated account management team and skilled operations team
  • Helps you to meet industry regulations and reduce the risk of a non-compliant process
  • Concise and accessible reports, allowing you to make confident recruitment decisions


Sample Report

Basic Disclosure


What does a Basic Disclosure tell you?

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, most convictions are considered to be ‘spent’ after a certain period of time, and if no further offence has taken place. A Basic Disclosure will contain details of any unspent conditions a candidate might have, allowing employers to make a decision as to whether or not the candidate poses any potential risks.


A Basic Disclosure can be rendered ineffective if a candidate has supplied false or inaccurate details. For that reason, you could carry out an Experian Identity Check before undertaking any Criminal Record Checks.

Turnaround time

The Basic Disclosure is sourced from Disclosure Scotland and has a typical UK turnaround time of 14 to 21 days. We will return a completed Basic Disclosure to you once we have finished our final quality assurance checks, but you can view all references and data checks online as soon as they are received.

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