Customised analytical solutions for your business that help set you apart and drive your strategy forward by making the best use of data

Analytical solutions designed to meet your specific business objectives.

Our custom solutions are built using your historical data and are therefore aligned to your customer profile. A customised solution enables all data available at the decision point (for example applicant demographics, credit bureau data, existing account information and geo-demographic information) to be used to predict how applicants and customers will behave in the future.


Application Scorecards

Tools that predict the probability that an applicant will behave in a particular way, helping you to make effective automated decisions.


Behavioural Scorecards

Tools that help your existing customer management strategy by predicting how customers will use their product in the future.


Collections Scorecards

Tools that help you to proactively segment your portfolio and manage your collections strategy enabling you to support your customers.


Commercial Scorecards

Tools to help you make confident lending decisions and set appropriate lending terms by predicting the stability of client businesses.


Scorecard Health Check

An analytical service that provides valuable insight and will help you understand changes in your business by validating your scorecards to check they are performing as expected, and if not, to provide what remedial action is needed.


Loss Forecasting with IFRS 9

Our analytics experts can help you understand IFRS 9 accountancy standards and how it affects loss forecasting and work with you to build and deliver a comprehensive approach to the new standards.


AIRB Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

Gain competitive and strategic advantage and meet CRD IV regulations using our adaptable and in depth AIRB approach.


1st and 3rd Party Fraud Scoring

Tools that provide the probability for fraud for each applicant, reducing your fraudulent applications and decision times. Better for you and your customers.


Stress Testing

Helps you to understand the sensitivities of your portfolios to significant economic change and the implications for provisioning, capital allocation and regulatory compliance.

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