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Email Repository

Do you need more cost-effective channels to communicate with customers and prospects? Are you already using email marketing and want to maximise response?

Run cost-effective and targeted email campaigns with access to our unrivalled volume and quality of prospect email marketing lists. 

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  • Find email addresses in significant volumes from a single source across the marketplace
  • Offer consistency of selections by matching to Experian data sources
  • Identify which data provides the most effective open and click through rates

What we do

Email Repository from Experian offers a prospect email data proposition that maximises volume and results by accessing both our internally sourced emails and those obtained from 3rd parties.

How we do it

By having unrivalled access to email data across the industry, Experian can source the most responsive email marketing lists for your campaigns, match them to our comprehensive email databases to give data insight and allow for highly targeted email campaigns.

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