Consumer Information

Postcode Address File

Address verification, fraud prevention, postal rebates, operational efficiencies

Electoral Register

ID authentication, fraud prevention

Address Links

ID authentication, fraud prevention, tracing

Aliases and Associations

Tracing, ID authentication

Public Information

Includes County Court Judgments, bankruptcies, administration orders and voluntary arrangements

CAPS - Credit Application Previous Search

Previous searches made as the result of credit applications, irrespective of the outcome of the applications

CAIS - Credit Account Information Sharing

Comprehensive and timely information on credit accounts, including their status

Telephone Numbers

Telephone number information


The UK’s Fraud Prevention Service – providing information relating to potentially fraudulent dealings

Possessions Register

A list of repossessions made by mortgage lenders

Redirect Check ™ File

A database of addresses from which individuals have recently set up a redirection

Accommodation Addresses

Highlights non-residential addresses, including mailing houses and addresses providing secretarial support

Sanctions Data

Highlights high risk individuals who appear on official sanction lists, such as the Bank of England Sanction File, the Politically Exposed Persons File (PEP) and the list from the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

GAIN – Gone Away Information Network

An information exchange network which stores up-to-the-minute information about consumers who are in arrears on credit contracts or who have moved without leaving a forwarding address

Mortality Data

Used to highlight cases where a fraudster may have stolen the identity of a deceased person in order to obtain goods or services


A pool of shared previous application details, which are cross referenced and used to highlight inconsistencies

CitizenCard information

An accredited provider of proof of age identity cards

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