When it comes to understanding your audiences, high-quality data is key. However, a complete view of your customer isn’t always achievable with first party data alone.

Experian data

First party data contains gaps in your view of your customers and prospects. For example, you may be unable to tell whether someone looking at your product on a website – such as a luxury car – is merely interested in it or whether they’re genuinely considering purchasing it.

This is where Experian data can help, as it gives insight into how eligible your customers are for a certain product or service by providing useful information, such as household income.

Experian data allows marketers to draw more meaningful conclusions about their customers over and above what is available in first party data, helping to save time and money in the long-term by allowing them to focus on who’s most relevant.

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How can Bespoke Audiences help?

Experian can create bespoke audiences of prospects that match current customers and prospects and reach them through a range of digital partnerships and channels.

Bespoke Audiences builds audiences across a larger pool of customers thanks to the insights Experian data provides.

In addition, due to the range of partnerships and channels available, marketers using Bespoke Audiences are not limited to a single ‘walled-garden’ like they are with paid search.

Bespoke Audiences are created from a data pool of 50 million consumers and over 500 segmentation variables, and can be distributed across all the relevant marketing channels, for example social media, programmatic or addressable TV.

Why use Bespoke Audiences?

Offer a more personalised customer experience

Investing in high quality data means you are more likely to offer a more relevant experience to old and new customers as you have access to more granular details. 

Promote an omnichannel approach

Bespoke Audience can be used across several marketing channels to give insight into what channels your consumers are most responsive to, helping to streamline your campaigns.  

Improve your campaign performance

With high quality data and channel performance insights you can improve general campaign performance (decreased CPA) and media budget spend as well as increase revenue in the long term.

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