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Mosaic Group videos

Mosaic Group A - City Prosperity

High status city dwellers living in central locations and pursuing careers with high rewards.

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Mosaic Group B - Prestige Positions

Established families in large detached homes living upmarket lifestyles.

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Mosaic Group C - Country Living

Well-off owners in rural locations enjoying the benefits of country life.

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Mosaic Group D - Rural Reality

Householders living in inexpensive homes in village communities.

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Mosaic Group E - Senior Security

Elderly people with assets who are enjoying a comfortable retirement.

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Mosaic Group F - Suburban Stability

Mature suburban owners living settled lives in mid-range housing.

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Mosaic Group G - Domestic Success

Thriving families who are busy bringing up children and following careers.

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Mosaic Group H - Aspiring Homemakers

Younger households settling down in housing priced within their means.

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Mosaic Group I - Family Basics

Families with limited resources who have to budget to make ends meet.

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Mosaic Group J - Transient Renters

Single people privately renting low cost homes for the short term.

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Mosaic Group K - Municipal Challenge

Urban renters of social housing facing an array of challenges.

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Mosaic Group L - Vintage Value

Elderly people reliant on support to meet financial or practical needs.

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Mosaic Group M - Modest Traditions

Mature homeowners of value homes enjoying stable lifestyles.

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Mosaic Group N - Urban Cohesion

Residents of settled urban communities with a strong sense of identity.

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Mosaic Group O - Rental Hubs

Educated young people privately renting in urban neighbourhoods.

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