Prevent insurance fraud while providing a smooth customer experience

Your online customers love the speed and convenience of applying and claiming online. In the highly competitive market you need to successfully balance your customer’s experience with identity and insurance fraud risk to be confident in your decisions.

We understand you want to create the best experience across all direct and indirect channels. You also need to make sure your customers and your business are protected from the threat of insurance fraud.

We help you to create a seamless experience for your customers while you protect them by quickly pinpointing identity and fraud risks. We work in partnership with you to ensure your customers are at the heart of everything you do, allowing you to offer the best possible service to them.


Device Intelligence

Frictionless customer journey and account login for genuine applications.

What it does: Recognises every mobile device, every time to protect your business from fraud.

Used by: Clients requiring a reliable fraud detection solution to support their increased online transactions.


Payments checking with Bank Wizard Absolute

Confidence that bank details are linked to an individual.

What it does: Real-time level of confidence that the bank account and sort code match the details supplied.

Used by: Preventing fraudulent payments and transactions.


Identity checking with Authenticate

Fast and effective identity authentication.

What it does: Tailored identity authentication solution, also suitable for monitoring of identity changes.

Used by: Clients across many industries which require a reliable identity authentication solution.

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