Why can’t I change the way I pay for my gas?

Dear James,

I recently tried to change my gas meter from pay as you go to direct debit, but they got a no from you. How can this be possible when I’ve never had any debts?

Diana, Exeter

Dear Diana,

I’m sorry to hear that your recent application to your gas provider to switch from a pre-payment meter to a credit meter was refused. Try not to let this dishearten you as there are plenty of things you can do to try to change this.  Your provider wants to understand your financial situation and responsibly manage your account with them, so it’s not unusual for them to run a credit check to help them assess your application.

While a credit reference agency like Experian may provide some of the information and tools the provider uses to help their assessment, it’s important that you understand that we don’t make the decision. So only the provider can tell you the reason for their decision.  It isn’t shared with us or any other credit reference agency, so the decision won’t be recorded on your credit report, just the fact that a credit check took place.  It’s possible that they found some specific information they weren’t happy with, for example on your credit report.  Or it might just be that the overall credit score they calculated for you fell short of their pass mark.  Either way, if you ask them they should be able to give you some guidance.

You can appeal the decision, which you would usually do in writing, setting out your case why you are a creditworthy customer.  Then it’s up to them. Now whether or not you’re successful with the appeal, it’s still sensible to review your credit report carefully. Check to make sure everything is accurate and up to date.  If you find anything you disagree with or need help understanding just let us know. We recommended that you check your credit report with all three credit reference agencies from time to time.

Our latest guides can help you improve you credit rating and, hopefully, sail through future credit checks. (May 2016) 


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