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Reports give you instant access to limited, non-limited, sole trader and PLC credit reports worldwide.

View a range of comprehensive Experian reports (including credit scores) delivering quick and easy access to high quality business information for businesses across the UK and internationally. Experian reports are powerful tools, giving you more control to help grow your business and make the right decisions.

Reports and Business Information

BusinessIQ gives access to the full range of Experian reports, delivering quick and easy access to high quality business information, including access to UK and International reports. Gain greater insight into the financial standing of a company by combining personal financial information of the people behind the business with comprehensive commercial data.

Sample reports: A range of credit reports are available covering both Limited and Non-Limited businesses, including:


"We're now able to combine our experience with insight gained from BusinessIQ to make fast and accurate decisions."

– Jane Hext, CEO,Santia Consulting Ltd


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