• What is BusinessIQ?
  • BusinessIQ is an on-line tool which delivers solutions at every stage of the credit life cycle, right to your desktop.

    The comprehensive nature of BusinessIQ, ensures that you have tools for taking on a new client, making credit decisions, automating credit applications, managing your portfolios of customers and receiving alerts. It includes many additional features which are designed to create a single credit management portal, including audit trails, easy user configuration, a task manager, recording of notes, a configurable home page dashboard, report storage and more.

  • How do I open an account?
  • Please contact Experian Business Information using the 'get in touch' button at the top or bottom of the page, or contact the team on 0844 4819920 and we will talk to you about your requirements.

  • I am interested in talking to someone about BusinessIQ, how do I go about it?
  • If you are interested in knowing more about BusinessIQ and are an existing customer you can contact your account manager, or ring 0844 4819920 and we will give you all the information you need and a live demonstration.

    If you are not an existing customer of Experian then please fill out your details within the 'get in touch' button at the top or bottom of the page and one of our credit consultants will phone you back.

  • Is consultancy available?
  • BusinessIQ's highly configurable and effective set-up will help you to deliver your business objectives.

    Consultancy support is available, from data analysis through to effective decision rule setting to maximise value and minimise risk.

    Please contact your Account Manager who will be able to assist with this.

  • How can I add a module?
  • If your business needs access to additional modules, then your Account Manager will be able to assist.

    If you need access to a different module for your role, please contact the Security Designate in your own business.

  • Where can I get technical help?
  • Our product specialists can help you with any questions about buying and integrating BusinessIQ, you can contact them on 0844 481440. Existing BusinessIQ customers can access technical help by calling 0844 481 9920.

  • What data can I access through BusinessIQ?
  • BusinessIQ is powered by Experian data which is a unique blend of business, consumer, director and payment information but you can choose the kind of data and report you access.

    With the Report Manager module you can access previously pulled reports and decisions so you can review and audit all past activity for a business.

  • What is included in a report?
  • There are a number of different reports available and each provides different information.

    For example, the Risk Report is available for limited companies and non limited businesses and includes a dashboard of key information (such as the Experian DBT (days beyond terms) and Commercial Delphi Score) as well as detailed information such as company accounts and key ratios (for Limited Companies).

    The Directors and Secretaries Report includes information on businesses which the Director is associated with and can optionally include consumer information.

    For more details on the full range of reports and the information included, please visit the reports module page or contact Experian on 0844 481 9920.

  • What limited company reports are available?
  • The range of reports available through BusinessIQ is dependent upon your configuration and includes:

    Risk Report, which gives comprehensive information and insights on a business

    Corporate Tree, which show the company in a corporate hierarchy

    Corporate Tree with Risk, which also shows the Commercial Delphi score for each company in the Corporate tree

  • Are International reports available?
  • International business reports are available and the content within the report is specific to the information available within that country.

    In addition to International reports, other documents are available including Annual Returns, Memorandum and Articles, Charges and Mortgages, Financial Statements, Registry Extracts, Certificate of Good Standing and Certificates of Incorporation.

    You can see sample report here.

  • Can I get a Director or Secretary Report?
  • It is possible to pull a report on the individual Directors and Secretaries and to include the consumer details to assist when making credit decisions. Consent will be required from the subject.

  • What are Alerts?
  • Alerts are messages that bring important events to your attention and they are available for Limited Companies and non-limited businesses. Alerts are early warning signs that may require pro-active action to be taken with a customer.

    The range of messages available is very comprehensive and some examples include legal notices (such as a Notice of Appointment of Receiver or an Administration Order), notices concerning County Court Judgements (such as the registration of a Judgement), a change to the number of days in which creditors are paid or an increase/decrease to the Commercial Delphi score.

  • What is Portfolio?
  • Portfolio is the Portfolio Management module of Experian BusinessIQ. You can use the Portfolio module to gain insight into the risk profile and payment behaviours of businesses that you are interested in (customers, suppliers or prospects).

    Use the powerful segmentation and filtering capability to form management strategies and create and allocate tasks using the workflow capability.

  • How frequently is Experian data refreshed in Portfolio?
  • Choose how frequently you would like Experian data refreshed within your portfolios.

    Alternatively, use the Batch Account Review function within Account Actions to trigger refreshes on the accounts you want updated, when you want them updated.

    Payment information supplied through our data sharing program will be updated as frequently as each sales ledger is provided to Experian.

  • Should I automate my decision making process?
  • Automating customer acquisition can be a big step for companies but BusinessIQ offers three levels of automation based on your needs so you can choose a simple decision solution right through to complex decision making that includes information provided by the customer.

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