Payment Performance

Insight into company payments

Understanding your ledger is the key to a deeper knowledge of your clients and their payment performance. This analysis may be lengthy and complex, the trends discovered within your business alone will be limited and incomplete information can leave you exposed to bad debt.

Through commercial data sharing, the Payment Performance Scheme can take your transactional data and provide an in-depth analysis of payment trends drawn from a huge range of contributors, giving you enhanced information to identify and react to risk.

What is the Payment Performance Scheme?

Payment Performance is a free of charge ledger sharing scheme that provides in-depth analysis of business payment trends in your ledger to help you understand company payment times so you can manage credit risk across your business.

How can the Payment Performance Scheme help you?

  • Get a deeper understanding of your ledger with shared experience and insight
  • Protect your business with responsive risk management strategies
  • Take appropriate action by knowing how your customers are paying other suppliers
  • Links with Commercial CAIS
  • Combine with data hygiene, an effective way to check and correct your business databases for accuracy and compliance

Share your ledger

Combine your ledger data with insight from £145 billion and 22 million ledger transactions processed by Experian every month.

Get valuable insight into business payment trends across the UK based on the most up to date information.

See the bigger picture by utilising information on over 1.8 million reports with payment data.

Monthly reports

View monthly business reports to see who you are dealing with, a company’s payment times and how they pay others.

Get an accurate and up to date monthly picture of your customers’ trading status.

See a complete customer view of your ledger and consolidate and identify risk at group level.

Analysing your ledger

See the behaviour of your customers against the industry and the latest business payment trends.

Get a deeper understanding of your accounts and invoices using the experience of all Experian data contributors.

Get valuable feedback and in-depth analysis on your entire ledger in a detailed report tailored specifically to your business needs.

Customer management

View bespoke exception reports showing detailed analysis of your 20 high risk customers.

Get a good overview of high risk accounts including Days Beyond Terms trend information, Commercial Delphi and outstanding balance.

Manage your customers more effectively by identifying and understanding your biggest credit risks and reacting quickly.

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Did you know?

Following changes to credit data sharing rules, Payment Performance members now have the opportunity to access summarised Commercial CAIS data.

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