The core foundations to driving strategies for business growth lies in the integrity of your first party data. Experian Link, either as a single solution or when included with broader data management services, unlocks the true view of your customers.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Connected customer identities
  • On Premise or Experian Hosted
  • High performance Time To Data
  • Enhanced Name and Address identity resolution
  • Off-the-shelf to highly customised processes
  • Millions of records processed every hour

Tell us about you and your company’s needs:

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Functionality that delivers your goals

On-Premise or Experian hosted, we help organisations make sense of disparate customer data by applying the latest technologies and data sets to make consumer connections. We understand that data integrity is central to critical business decisions that achieve ongoing customer engagement strategies that drive lifetime value, and effective new customer acquisition.

Product Specification

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On prem/Bureau

Data integrations

Custom Integration available


Experian Link is available for organisations with UK consumers.

Technically not, though organisations who are either experiencing rapid growth, or have more than one brand, operate disparate customer management databases or have 1 million + records will benefit the most. There is no upper limit to the number of records.

Experian Link can be provided either as an on-premise solution that is installed within a client's infrastructure, or as an Experian managed service.