Club Canvasse is a powerful data cooperative with hundreds of retailers contributing transactional data for a combined 17.7 million consumers – providing members the ability to understands purchase behaviours, identify best audiences and engage them for acquisition and retention activities, across a broad range of channels.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Increase the understanding of your customer profile
  • Leverage valuable insights and trends from within the retail and mail order sector
  • Plan your audience-based strategy across optimal channels for both retention and acquisition
  • Activate consistently across channels, leveraging same audiences and predictive models
  • Maintain your data secure at all times - Experian is an established player in secure data collaboration
  • Can be integrated with the latest data collaboration techniques including the ability to leverage clean rooms

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With Mosaic UK, we weren't disappointed by the data resources and technologies placed at our disposal. The difference between pre and post-Experian campaigns is as clear as black and white.

Functionality that delivers your goals

Club Canvasse delivers actionable marketing plans for customer retention and acquisition marketing, across channels.
The combination of granular transactional data from retail organisations and catalogue retailers, coupled with the broader view of Experian insight and analytics provides a unique pool on which predictive models are built. These are actionable and can be activated across channels, including Direct Mail, Email, Programmatic Advertising, Addressable TV, etc.

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