Commercial CAIS

Credit Account Information Sharing (CAIS)

If you offer credit to businesses, you need to assess the financial stability and identify possible over-commitment, payment difficulty or adverse payment history.

Becoming a Commercial CAIS member is one of the surest ways to improve the quality of your credit decisions, minimise the risk of bad debt and fraud, and lend responsibly.

Commercial CAIS is a shared database of businesses credit history maintained by Experian. All major financial institutions and creditors engaged in commercial lending activities will share details of their business customers credit commitments and how they’re performing on them.

Commercial CAIS data is integrated into our Commercial Delphi scorecards and products including BusinessIQ and Batch CAIS.

Using Commercial CAIS, you can:

  • Receive enhanced Commercial Delphi scores and credit ratings
  • Refine your credit policy and undertake retrospective analysis
  • Make responsible lending decisions by reviewing applicants existing financial obligations and avoid lending to businesses that are over committed
  • Identify businesses with an adverse credit history
  • Make appropriate authorisation, limit management and recovery decisions
  • Verify applicants at their addresses
  • Develop enhanced collections strategies

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