Directorship Check

An Experian Directorship Check consults our Directors Database to verify a candidate’s current and previously held directorships, as well as any disqualifications on their record.

A current or previous directorship in a candidate’s record could potentially cause a conflict of interest situation for your business. Through highlighting any previous and existing directorships, a Directorship Check can give you the confidence you need, to ensure that what a candidate is telling you is correct.

A Directorship Check will also detail any disqualifications on a candidate’s record. A disqualification might suggest that a candidate is either unsuitable to hold a directorship, or is outright barred from doing so. This kind of insight is invaluable when recruiting at higher levels.

Who is it for?

A Directorship Check is not necessarily only relevant when recruiting for senior, managerial and directorship roles. Any candidate at any level can be classed as a director if they have ever held any self-employed positions, which means that the potential for conflict of interest is a lot more common than many might initially anticipate.

We handle every step of the Directorship Check process and our online service can be easily incorporated with your existing recruitment platform. Outsourcing background checks to us streamlines the process, saving you valuable time and money.




Directorship Check sample report


Turnaround time

Directorship Checks have a typical UK turnaround time of four hours. Our reports are available online, and are specifically designed to be concise and accessible, allowing you to make those important recruitment decisions with confidence.