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Create powerful telemarketing lists

Connecting to potential customers through telesales campaigns can be difficult, but get it right by using an up to date business telemarketing list and you could benefit from immediate sales and lasting customer relationships.

Tips for successful campaign planning

  • Plan. What do you want your campaign to achieve? Be specific about the purpose of your calls and know your audience.
  • Create. It’s as essential to create a script for a telesales campaign as it is to use up to date business telemarketing data. Getting your message across vocally is a different exercise to the written word!
  • Execute. Targeting your calls to the right people is the most important step of all, and relies on your business telemarketing lists being up to date.

Create powerful business telemarketing lists with unrivalled data

Keeping fresh, well informed business telemarketing data allows you to reduce the costs of making unnecessary calls and you can even review or build your sales prospect list strategically, targeting only those customers who will be interested in your services and willing to communicate over the phone.

B2B Prospector helps you to build targeted business telemarketing lists so you can direct your calls to the right people.

Data accuracy

All telephone numbers are checked against the UK Telephone Preference Service (TPS), helping you to meet compliance regulations by preventing unsolicited calls.









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