Online Analytics

The web is now one of the primary routes to market, so analytics is critical to better understanding customers and optimising the effectiveness of campaigns. You need to understand how customers interact with your websites, those of your competitors and how they behave more generally online.

With specialist expertise from Hitwise, Experian Marketing Services provides insight on how millions of unique internet users interact online through hundreds of millions of monthly site visits and tens of millions of searches. It’s understanding that drives effective search, display, affiliate, email and social marketing approaches.

Target and engage new customers by combining on and offline knowledge to drive high-precision, cross-channel marketing campaigns generating greater profitability and ROI.

Our Analytics solutions show you who your best customers really are, where and how they spend their time online, what motivates them and how to engage in more effective and profitable ways.

Harness Online Data

We work closely with you, your agencies and web tracking vendors to analyse your web and offline data, which we enrich with powerful proprietary data of our own. We discover how your customers behave online — finding new customers by profiling those who visit competitors’ sites; identifying partners and affiliates to optimise your online offering; and creating the right messages for the right audiences.

With campaigns driven by sophisticated analysis, not guesswork, you:

  • create meaningful KPIs and measure performance against them effectively— for better business decision making;
  • analyse the factors that affect your KPIs, such as competitor traffic and marketing, to understand performance and where to focus resources for maximum impact;
  • turn insight into action by, for example, building single customer views for more effective engagement;
  • know where your (and your competitors’) customers come from, focusing advertising on high value properties;
  • integrate across channels — combining email, mobile and social, for example — to multiply online marketing power.

Find out how Analytics optimises your campaigns, today.

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