Consumer Insight

Every marketer aims to get closer to their customers, both in terms of the way they live their lives and the channels through which they access messaging.

Experian Marketing Services brings you rich insight to understand your customers to discover complete audience profiles, including lifestyles, attitudes and preferences, as well as important media behaviours including traditional, digital and mobile usage. In short, we place your customers at the heart of everything you do.

Focused Insight

Consumers share huge amounts of information about themselves and with Experian Marketing Services you can transform this into actionable insight — laser-focused campaign strategies, flawless execution and competitive advantage. We deliver the cross-channel data resources, expertise and technologies you need to see your customers with clarity.

  • Segmentation: 

    Experian's Mosaic insight delivers depth and breadth of understanding to identify target audiences, how they live, behave and spend their money across channels.
  • Analytics: 

    understand how your customers engage with you and your competitors online — to refine both on and offline campaigns — ensuring customers find and purchase your products in the most effective ways.
  • Mobile Intelligence: 

    as mobile assumes ever greater importance, understand the different ways in which customers interact with the channel to optimise marketing approaches and drive sales.
  • Location: 

    analyse and model geographic data to open up a wealth of insight for new cross-channel marketing opportunities. Also understand target locations, improve network planning and focus investment on those places that deliver maximum ROI.
  • Competitor Behaviour: 

    get a competitive advantage by understanding how consumers behave on and offline so you can constantly improve and stay ahead of the game.
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